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Hilton M. Briggs Library Policies

SUBJECT: Graduate Study Room


  1. Purpose

To govern the assignment and use of the library’s graduate study rooms.

  1. Policy
  • All registered graduate students are eligible to apply for graduate study rooms.
  • Study room assignments are made for one semester, renewable for one additional semester at a time, depending on availability.
  • If necessary, assignments will be prioritized as follows, with new applicants given higher priority than those who have previously had an assigned study room:

1. Doctoral candidates in their last year of residency who are actively engaged in research for dissertations or research papers.
2. Master’s candidates in their last year of residency who are actively engaged in research for theses, design papers, or research papers.
3. Other graduate students.

  • The library is not responsible for any personal property left in study rooms.
  1. Procedures
  • Applications may be obtained from and returned to the Library Services Desk or through e-mail at
  • Wireless connectivity is available in Briggs Library at no cost.
  • The library has provided essential furniture for each study room. Additional library furniture may be included with authorization from Library Administration in Room 108.
  • Names are not to be posted on the doors.
  • Mail and messages will not be delivered to study rooms by library staff.
  • Signs, pictures, posters, etc. are not to be attached to any surface of the study room, including the windows.
  • Non-circulating library materials taken to a study room should be returned to the Library Services Desk before the user leaves the building.
  • Circulating materials must be checked out at the Library Services Desk.
  • Study rooms will be checked at least once per semester by library staff. All non-circulating and circulating materials not checked out will be removed and placed on hold in Alma for the occupant of the room. The occupant will be notified when the room has been checked and will receive a “Hold” notice by email listing any items that were removed.
  • If a key is not returned within ten business days following the end of the study room assignment, the person who checked it out will be charged according to the provisions the Library Charges Document.
  1. Related Documents
  1. Responsibility

The Head of Access Services or designees are responsible for application and ad hoc review of this policy and annual review of procedures. The Policy and Procedures Committee is responsible for review of this document every four years. The Dean of the Library is responsible for all revisions to said policy as well as approving the policy and all future revisions.


Reviewed by: Library Faculty October 9, 2019

Approved by: Dean of the Library April 11, 2023

Origination date: 1989

Revision dates: April 11, 2023; october 31, 2019; March 8, 2017; June 6, 2007

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