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Hilton M. Briggs Library Policies

SUBJECT: Interlibrary Loans of Fragile, Damaged, or Valuable Circulating Items


  1. Purpose

To establish guidelines to determine whether items may be circulated through interlibrary loan.

  1. Policy

All library personnel will follow established procedures to evaluate the condition of circulating materials requested through interlibrary loan. Materials held by Archives & Special Collections will not be loaned.

  1. Procedures
  • Examine the condition of the item requested through interlibrary loan. Use the Guiding Principles of Preservation as a reference.
  • Consult and follow the recommendations of the Bindery Technician before lending fragile or damaged items.
  • Consult and follow the recommendations of the Archivist and Special Collections Librarian before lending items that are valuable, rare, published more than 100 years ago, or contain color plates.
  • If the requested material is already available in a digital format, send or link to the electronic version in lieu of a physical loan.
    • If the material is not in a digital format, the library staff will digitize it, if feasible and legal.
  1. Related Documents

Guiding Principles of Preservation in Hilton M. Briggs Library (contact library staff to access this policy)

Care and Handling of Bound Materials policy (contact library staff to access this policy)

  1. Responsibility

The Preservation Committee is responsible for biennial and ad hoc review of this policy and biennial review of procedures. The Policy and Procedures Committee is responsible for review of this document every four years. The Dean of the Library is responsible for review and approval of this policy and associated revisions.


                        Reviewed by:              Library Faculty                        January 8, 2020

                        Approved by:              Dean of the Library       January 17, 2020

                        Effective date:             January 17, 2020

                        Revision dates:            date

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