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Hilton M. Briggs Library Policies

SUBJECT: Accepting Other Libraries’ Materials Returned to Briggs Library

NUMBER: 10.1

1. Purpose

To guide the handling of other libraries’ materials returned to Briggs Library. This policy does not apply to interlibrary loan materials obtained by Briggs Library for our patrons.

2. Policy

  • Hilton M. Briggs Library staff may accept materials to return to other libraries.
  • The library staff will attempt to return these materials to the appropriate libraries in a timely manner. Because we cannot accurately predict the efficiency of shippers and couriers, we do not guarantee a delivery date to the owning library.
  • This service will be provided free of charge at the discretion of the Head of Public Services.
  • Briggs Library does not assume responsibility for lost or damaged materials or for late return fees.

3. Procedures

  • Interlibrary Loan staff will return materials to the owning library through the courier whenever possible. For items not sent by the courier, it is up to the discretion of the Head of Public Services.
  • Exceptions to this policy will be handled by the Head of Public Services.

4. Related Documents

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5. Responsibility

The Briggs Library Interlibrary Loan staff will return these materials. The Head of Public Services is responsible for implementation and the Access Services Librarian is responsible for ad hoc review of this policy. The Policy and Procedures Committee is responsible for review of this document every four years. The Dean of the Library is responsible for review and approval of this policy and associated revisions.


Reviewed by:       Library Faculty              January 8, 2020

Approved by:       Dean of the Library       January 17, 2020

Origination date:  November 30, 1998

Revision dates:    February 23, 2010; August 24, 2015; September 9, 2015

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