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Hilton M. Briggs Library Policies

SUBJECT: Petitions and Solicitations

NUMBER: 10.6

  1. Purpose

To provide an educational atmosphere free from commercial activities or solicitations.

  1. Policy

Petitions, solicitations, and sales of articles or services are prohibited in Briggs Library, unless approved by the Dean of the Library. All solicitations must adhere to South Dakota Board of Regents policy as well as all local, state, and federal laws.

Approved solicitation and petition activities may be held in the lobby, group study rooms, conference rooms, or classrooms.

  1. Procedures

All solicitations or petitions will be submitted in writing to the Library Operations Manager and approved in advance by the Dean of the Library.

  1. Related Documents
  1. Responsibility

The Library Operations Manager or designee is responsible for annual and ad hoc review of this policy and annual review of procedures. The Policy and Procedures Committee is responsible for review of this document every four years.  The Dean of the Library is responsible for implementation and enforcement of this policy.


Reviewed by: Library Faculty July 13, 2016

Approved by: Dean of the Library December 21, 2020

Origination date: March 1993

Revision dates: March 1993; July 15, 2016; December 21, 2020

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