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Hilton M. Briggs Library Policies

SUBJECT: Events with Collaborating Partners


  1. Purpose

To establish the process of working with collaborating partners on events that promote learning, diversity, and cultural enrichment.

  1. Policy
  • The library encourages collaboration with campus, community, and other academic organizations.
  • The decision to co-host an event is based on three major criteria:
    • Meeting the library’s goal to provide programs that promote learning, diversity, and cultural enrichment.
    • Coordinating a manageable calendar of events.
    • The availability of at least one full-time library employee to serve as a liaison for the event.
  • This policy pertains to events such as author talks, receptions, lectures, and panel discussions to which campus and/or community members are invited. It does not apply to individuals or groups reserving library spaces for study or class use.
  1. Procedures
  • Persons interested in partnering with the library to hold an event should contact either the library's Financial Program Assistant or the Library Operations Manager.
    • Interested parties will fill out a Request for Event form and give it to the library's Financial Program Assistant or the Library Operations Manager who will forward it to the chair of the Events and Publicity Committee.
    • The committee would like the form at least two months in advance.
  • The library encourages other departments located in the building to notify the chair of the Events and Publicity Committee, the Dean of the Library, or the Library Operations Manager if they are hosting events in the building, even if they are not collaborating with library staff. This will help the Events and Publicity Committee coordinate events and avoid conflicts.
  • The Events and Publicity Committee will communicate with the library liaison listed on the Request for Event form.
  • The library liaison is responsible for ensuring the availability of the event location and for communicating with collaborating partners.
  • The collaborating partner(s) and the library liaison are responsible for setting up, managing, and cleaning up after the event.
  • The library’s Events and Publicity Committee monitors a library-wide calendar of events in consideration of coordinating a manageable calendar.
  1. Related Documents
  1. Responsibility

The Events and Publicity Committee is responsible for making recommendations whether or not to approve events to the Dean of the Library.  The Policy and Procedures Committee is responsible for review of this document every four years. The Events Committee Chair is responsible for reviewing this policy annually.


Reviewed by: Library Faculty October 8, 2014

Approved by: Dean of the Library January 12, 2021

Origination date: October 8, 2014

Revision dates: April 13, 2016; September 7, 2016; January 12, 2021

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