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Finding and Removing Existing Duplicates

You can define what EndNote20 looks for to determine if 2 records are duplicates in the preferences (See Setting EndNote up with Preferences for help with this).

Find duplicate records

  • Click on the Library menu.
  • Click on Find Duplicates.
  • You will be shown the two records side by side and get to choose which record to keep.

Remove records

  • After running Find Duplicates, you can remove whichever record you choose in this process or you can close the duplicate window.
  • A group called Duplicates will appear in the left of your window until you close the library.
    • Drag and drop any record you wish to delete into the trash group.

Removing Duplicates When Adding New Records

Automatically remove duplicates

  • In the preferences, there is an option to automatically remove duplicates.
  • This does not work on duplicates already in the library, just on records added after the setting is put in place.
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