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Can't Install EndNote 20 on Windows

Downloaded Install File was not Unzipped

It is easy to skip the unzip step because when you click on the zipped folder that is downloaded, it shows you the contents. It will not install unless it is unzipped first; however.

Files are Open

EndNote requires all Microsoft Office programs be closed before installing. This includes Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook. Close these programs and click on Retry. 

If the program still will not install, try rebooting your computer and installing it before opening any Office program.

EndNote does not appear to be running on a Mac

Check that the EndNote menu is showing at the top of the screen.

If the menu is showing, this means that EndNote is running but no library is open.

You can open an existing library or create a new one.

If the menu is not showing and you can't get it to appear, reboot your computer and try again.

Temporary Citations {#3}

If citations are entered in curly brackets without formatting like {Meggyesy, 2000 #2}, several things might be the cause:

  • Check the record in EndNote. Make sure all the elements of the citation are in the correct place in the EndNote record.
  • Make sure that "Instnat Formatting is" says On
    • If it says Off, click on it and choose On
  • If the citation is added to the bibliography and not the text of your paper, click Edit & Managem Citations(s)
    • Choose the citation that is not showing up, make sure that "Default" is showing up in the Edit Citation tab of the lower portion of the screen.

Advantages to using temporary citations:

If you have a lot of citations in a document, Word may to check them frequently and start to run slow. If Word seems to freeze up or run slow, turn instant formatting off and just update the citations when you are done working for the day.

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