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Library Services Desk: Daily Notices

This guide is intended to provide a communications means to all personnel involved in the Library Services Desk

Daily Notices

June 13, 2018

May 3, 2018 - Primo full-text link Error

  • If a full-text link in Primo takes a patron to the wrong article, suggest that they clear their cache and cookies, at least for the current day, and try again.

May 3, 2018 - KIC Scanner Error Message

If the KIC scanner gives this error message, follow the steps below:  "Scanning process was interrupted..." 

  • Switch the scanner off and back on.  The power button is located at the back of the scanner, next to the power cord plug.
  • If the problem persists, it might help to switch the scanner from "Book Mode" to another mode. KIC Tech support says: "This [error] could be due to scanning single sheets of paper with “Book Mode” selected as the scanning mode since “Book Mode” will look for a book gutter, when it doesn’t find one, it will throw that error.  mk

April 23, 2018

Parking map--shows free lots for summer 2018.

~ LK

December 20, 2017 - Book Recycling 

To recycle books:

  • Contact the Briggs Library for anything that could be added to the library collection. The archival collection may also be interested in any thesis, books and lecture notes written by faculty, staff or alumni. Accepted materials will be picked up by the library staff. Contacts at the library include Mary Caspers-Graper (general material) at 688-5565, or Michele Christian (archives) at 688-4906. 
  • Books can also be dropped in campus paper recycling bins. Tear off hard covers and remove spiral bindings. Glue binding is acceptable on both soft- and hardcover books. Plastic, metal or any other type of binding cannot be recycled and must be removed before dropping the books in a recycling bin. Departments may contact Facilities and Services at 688-4136 if extra bins are needed for collection or to schedule a special pickup.

September 29, 2017 - Access to Learning Express

If patrons need access to Learning Express Library or other State Library resources, direct them to this State Library page:
Creating a user registration in Learning Express will permit use on campus, possibly off campus, too.  Elizabeth is checking for further details on access.  mk

April 13, 2016 - Search & Notify requests

During regular business hours, please notify someone in Access Services if an item that should be on shelf is missing. We will add the information to Alma and tag the item as missing in the catalog.

After hours, you can use a paper form to report missing items, and leave it on Adam's desk. We keep a few Search & Notify forms at the Library Services Desk.  The same form is used when a patron claims that an item on loan to him/her has been returned.  Use the check boxes at the top of the form to indicate a "claim returned" or whether a patron should be notified when the missing item is found. There's no need to fill in the patron information fields if no one has asked to be notified. (MK)

April 11, 2016 - Off-Campus Login Blocked Message

If a patron has trouble logging into our online resources from off-campus, tell him/her to:

  • Verify their username and password--should be same as their MyState and jacks email login.
  • Use a different web browser.
  • Restart their computer.
  • Remove or @jacks.sdstate.edufrom their username. It is not necessary to include this.

If problems persist:

  • The patron should contact the Support Desk at (605) 688-6776.




IT Help Desk

Phone: 605-688-6776


Web page:

Office: Morrill Hall 131

Patron Login's

PRIMO--students use their Jacks e-mail username and password

Off-campus access to other library databases--students use MyState username and password

Students, Staff, and Faculty can reset their passwords using the following link - Students can reset their SDSU and Board of Regents passwords.

Library Staff Login's

ALMA Login--use full jacks or sdstate email address + email password

LibApps Login + Student1 (For room reservations go to LibCal then Room Bookings)

LibStaffer Login + Student1

Library H3lp (Chat) Login

Passwords List--requires InsideState username and password

Campus Classrooms Instructor Station Login

SDSU Users: Use your network/email login.

Non-SDSU Users Guest Login

  • Username: guest.user
  • Password: Smartuser17

April 2018 ~ LK

Library Services Desk - General Login

Generic login for the circulation desk computers:

Computer name: circ_counter1/circ

Username: circ  /  Password: circulation

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