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E-books at Briggs Library: Ebsco ebooks

Briggs has e-books in many different collections. This guide will help you find and use them.

EBSCO eBooks Search

Ebsco e-Books can be searched as a collection or in our catalog or in Ebsco using the widget below. We have thousands of e-books in this collection. Note that when you view the text of an e-book in this collection, the computer "checks it out" and it will only become available for viewing after 30 minutes of inactivity.

You can create a free account in Ebsco that will allow you to checkout and download most Ebsco e-books to read on a portable device. You can check books out for varying times and choose different times for different books (up to one week for many). You can also check books in early if you are finished with one and are using Adobe Digital Editions to read it.

Search for Ebsco e-books

Reading an Ebsco e-book online

  • Click on the title of the book you are interested in.
  • Choose the format you would like to view the book in
    • "PDF Full Text" opens a complete PDF of the book that can be read in most browsers. You can scroll through the whole book.
    • "EPUB Full Text" opens a complete version of the book in most browsers. You can page through the book but each screen is just one page.
    • HTML of the full text is available via the Table of Contents which is at the bottom of the record, you can use this to go to a specific part of the book
      • Click the + sign next to a section if the book is divided into sections to see the individual chapters
      • Click on the chapter you would like to read
  • You can save, e-mail, or print a limited number of pages within a title.

Create an Account in EbscoHost

Watch a video tutorial.

Open any Ebsco database.

Click on Sign-in on the blue bar at the top of the screen.

screenshot of top right of ebooks at Ebsco page. Text on image: Sign In, Folder, Preferences, Search, Create Alert.


Scroll down to the bottom of the sign in page to "Don't have an account?" Click on "Create one now"

Fill in the form or you can sign in with your Google account. This account is free.

Download an Ebsco e-book

Downloading an Ebsco e-book requires that you have an Ebsco account and are logged into that account. For more information on creating an account, see the box above.

You can download an entire book or just a portion of a book.

To download an entire book, click on Full Download on the left side of the record. Most books allow download but not all. If this option is not listed, the book cannot be downloaded and must be read online.

Screenshot of download option in Ebsco ebooks. Text on image: AND, Basic Search, Advanced, Detailed Record, PDF Full Text, EPUB Full Text, Full Download.

Choose the loan period you would like the book for.

The book will become unavailable on your device after this time period and you will need to get it again if you still need it.

Choose the format you want the book in, PDF or EPUB.

Agree that you have Adobe Digital Editions or other appropriate software for reading the books.

Click Full Download.

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