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E-books at Briggs Library: E-Books in General

Briggs has e-books in many different collections. This guide will help you find and use them.

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General Information

Electronic books are available in many different collections and readable in many different programs. This guide will help you navigate the collections in Briggs Library.

E-book Terminology

Adobe Digital Editions - This program formats documents to read like traditional paper books rather than electronic files. It also acts as an electronic bookshelf allowing users to browse through book covers on the shelf.

Adobe Reader - Available on computers and many handheld devices to read pdf (portable document format) files. Pdf files are designed to be readable no matter what device you use.

BlueFire Reader - This is used to read EBSCO eBooks on iOS and Android mobile devices.

DjVu Plugin-  Use DjVu for e-ooks from the Universal Digital Library and possibly other online collections.

E-book - Shortened version of electronic book.

E-book Reader - A device for reading electronic books. Barnes & Noble Nook, Amazon Kindle, and Sony Reader are some examples.

EBSCO eBooks - Briggs Library purchases many e-books through the publisher, EBSCO . Use Adobe Digital Editions or an EPUB file reader  to download EBSCO eBooks. More information is available at EBSCO Connect.

E-ink - A method of displaying text and graphics in black on a white background. This is said to be easier on the eyes than a back-lit screen but cannot be read in the dark.

EPUB Files - EPUB is one of the most popular formats for e-books. A wide array of readers and browser addons and tips for opening EPUB files are provided by LifeWire.

Kindle - The e-book reader produced by It comes in several models including a tablet (the Kindle Fire).

Nook - The e-book reader produced by Barnes & Noble. It comes in several models including a tablet.

Tablet - Small computers that don't come with attached keyboards but use touch screens with a displayed keyboard on the screen for typing. These devices can be used as a computer or as an e-book reader.

Tiff Plugin - a plugin that works with your browser to show content of a specific document type. This is used with the Universal Digital Library and possibly others. Get the Tiff Plugin for Windows, Linux, or Mac.

Ebsco Mobile lets you read on your phone!

A reading app from Ebsco called Ebsco Mobile allows users to search Ebsco e-books and download those that Briggs Library has purchased directly to their tablet or phone. Kindle Fire and Nook HD owners can check out this FAQ on using the Ebsco E-book App.

IOS devices: Check the iTunes App Store

Android devices: Check Google Play

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