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E-books at Briggs Library: Download Project Gutenberg Books to a Kindle

Briggs has e-books in many different collections. This guide will help you find and use them.

Download Project Gutenberg Books to a Kindle

On a computer, go to Project Gutenberg and search for the book you want. Click on the title of the book you want to get a list of the downloadable file types.

Click on the Kindle version (there may be a version with pictures and one without and you can choose either).

Kindle books on Project Gutenberg

Then choose to save the file.

Opening a Kindle book from Project Gutenberg

Connect your Kindle to the computer using a USB/mini USB cord and go to the File Manager.

Go to the Downloads Folder and find the file. It is likely named by the number of pages in the book.

Kindle books in the Downloads folder

You can rename the file by clicking on it, waiting a couple seconds then clicking on it again (do not double click either time). When the title is highlighted by itself, type a new name for the file.

Rename your Kindle book

Drag and drop the file on documents folder in the Kindle drive.

Move your Kindle book to your Kindle

Eject your Kindle by right clicking on the Kindle drive then choosing Eject from the list.

Eject your device safely

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