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Research 101: Guide Contents

Information on the research process.


  • Contact information to get help
  • Link to feedback survey

Getting Started

  • Analyze Your Assignment
  • Research process graphic
  • Picking Your Topic IS Research video

Selecting and Developing a Topic

  • Generating Topic Ideas
  • Topics in Your Major
  • Write a Research Question
  • Developing a Topic
  • Mapping Your Research Ideas video

Using Library Resources

  • Why Use Library Resources
  • What are the Library Databases and Which One Should I Use? video
  • Should I Be Using Google or Library Resources? video
  • Using the Library's Quick Search
  • General Databases
  • Subject-Specific Databases
  • Off-Campus Access

Search Strategies

  • The Research Process
  • Consult Multiple Sources
  • One Perfect Source video

Database Features

  • Database Features
  • Database Features in Five Minutes video
  • Selecting Articles for Research video


  • Generating Keywords
  • Search Engines vs. Library Databases
  • How Should I Search in a Database video
  • Phrase Searching
  • Tips & Tricks Phrase Searching video

Boolean Operators

  • Boolean Operators
  • Combining Search Options
  • Default Settings
  • Wildcards
  • Truncation
  • Boolean Operators video
  • Boolean Operators--More Information

Subject Terms

  • Subject Terms or Descriptors
  • Subject Terms in a Thesaurus
  • Subject Terms in an Item Record
  • Search the Subject Terms Field
  • PsycINFO Thesaurus Tutorial video

Mining Reference Lists

  • How Do You Mine Reference Lists?
  • Example Reference List
  • Interlibrary Loan
  • Find an Article
  • Find a Book

Citation Searching

  • What is Citation Searching
  • Citation Searching Databases
  • Web of Science Core Collection - Cited Reference Searching Series Videos

Source Types

  • Source Types & Information Evaluation
  • Publication Timeline
  • The Information Timeline - Video

Source Types Overview

  • Source Types Overview (Table summarizing source types)


  • Reference Books
  • Examples of Reference Books
  • Books
  • Scholarly Books
  • Scholarly Presses
  • EBooks
  • Examples of EBooks


  • Newspapers
  • Examples of Newspaper Articles in a Database
  • Fee-Based Access
  • Free Online News Sites
  • Political Bias


  • Periodicals
  • Popular and Scholarly Periodicals
  • Trade Journals
  • Examples of Periodical Articles in a Database
  • Introduction to Peer Review video
  • Peer Review in 3 Minutes video
  • Identifying Peer-Reviewed or Refereed Articles
  • Anatomy of a Scholarly Article

Web Sources

  • Web Sites and Information Evaluation
  • Investigating Web Sites
  • Domain Names
  • Not Enough Information
  • Web vs. Library Sources
  • Example Web Sites

Citing Your Sources

  • Crediting/Citing Sources
  • What is Academic Honesty video
  • Citation: A Very Brief Introduction video

Citation Styles

  • Citation Styles
  • MLA Citation Style
  • MLA Manual
  • APA Citation Style
  • APA Publication Manual
  • IEEE Citation Style
  • Chicago Citation Style
  • Journal of Animal Science (JAS) Citation Style
  • American Chemical Society (ACS) Citation Style

Information Evaluation

  • Why Evaluate
  • Research Purpose
  • Getting Started
  • Using Evaluation Criteria

Using Evaluation Criteria

  • Using Evaluation Criteria
  • Evaluating Sources video
  • Evaluation Criteria

Fake News

  • What is Fake News
  • Identifying Fake News
  • Identifying Fake News Video
  • Library Tips in Movie Clips: News Literacy video
  • More Information
  • Resources for Fact Checking
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