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Research 101: Database Features

Information on the research process.

Database Features

Library databases offer many options to help you locate the information you need. Some of these are:

  • Basic and advanced searches
  • Searching by field (such as author or title)
  • Applying limiters to your search (such as date or source type)
  • Offering limiters specific to a subject area (such as funding sources in scientific databases)
  • Setting up an account in the database to save your research
  • Easy access to abstracts or summaries of resources
  • Full-text links
  • Help features


From Idea to Library

NCSU Libraries (2:28)

Selecting Articles for Research

Yavapai College Library (1:52)

LibGuides Footer; South Dakota State University; Brookings, SD 57007; 1-800-952-3541