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Research 101: Search Strategies

Information on the research process.

The Research Process

As you learn about and employ specific research strategies keep some more general concepts in mind.


  • is a process that requires time, effort, and persistence.
  • increases your research abilities as well as your knowledge of your topic.
  • may challenge your preconceptions about a topic.

Consult Multiple Sources

Using multiple sources allows you to:

  • Compare sources to evaluate the accuracy of their information.
  • Find information on different aspects of your topic.
  • Compare interpretations from different authors, organizations, or fields.
  • Make up for weaknesses of different source types.
  • Find enough information for your analysis of the topic.

One Perfect Source?

NCSU Libraries (2:08)

LibGuides Footer; South Dakota State University; Brookings, SD 57007; 1-800-952-3541