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FDLP LogoOn March 2, 1861, the United States Congress created the Dakota Territory consisting of North Dakota, South Dakota and most of Montana and Wyoming. Acquired under the Louisian Purchase in 1803, exploration of the region began as early as 1743 by Louis-Joseph and Francois Verendrye. Commissioned by President Thomas Jefferson, Lewis and Clark further explored the state from 1804-1806 as part of their transcontinental Corps of Discovery Expedition.The Black Hills are the highest mountains east of the Rockies. Badlands, prairies, grasslands, glacial lakes and fertile farmland provide a broad variety of landscapes. South Dakota became a state in 1889. Read the Journal of the Constitutional Convention here:

First permanent settlement: Fort Pierre, 1817

State capitol: Pierre

State Motto: Under God, the people rule

Famous tourist attraction: Mount Rushmore

State flower: Pasque (Pulsatilla hirsutissima)

State bird: Ring-necked Pheasant

State song: Hail South Dakota

Population: 824,082

Economy: Agriculture, tourism, manufacturing, health care

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LibGuides Footer; South Dakota State University; Brookings, SD 57007; 1-800-952-3541