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LibGuides Guidelines: Home

These guidelines are designed to make our LibGuides look and feel like part of our overall web presence. Please adhere to these guidelines as you create your guides.


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Elizabeth Fox
Briggs Library 019


  • Logging in:
  • Keep it simple
    • Organization is key
    • Minimize the text
  • Follow existing web guidelines whenever possible
    • Continuity between the website and LibGuides is desired
    • SDSU blue is #223E94 (RGB: 34,62,148)
    • Light blue is #CDD2E9 (RGB: 205, 210, 233)
    • SDSU yellow is #FED106 (RGB: 254, 209, 6)
    • Light yellow is #F1E998 (RGB: 241, 233, 152)
    • Gold is #F9A21A (RGB: 249, 162, 26)
    • Dark blue is #0D223E (RGB: 13, 34, 62)
    • Medium blue is #253A7F (RGB: 37, 58, 127)
  • When you create a new guide, be sure to choose the appropriate type of guide General, Course, Subject, Event, Internal, Special Collections
    • You can also start by copying an existing guide - copies both layout and content
  • Be aware that copying content from Microsoft Word copies a lot of extra HTML into your document that can make editing for style more difficult. Use the paste from Word feature if you do copy text from Word
  • You can use polls or links to QuestionPro surveys to get feedback
  • Create a friendly URL for your LibGuide (e.g.
  • Use the default font and size
    • You can use other formatting features such as headings, styles, bold, italics, etc.
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