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Economics and Management: Find Articles and Journals

Use this guide to find resources related to Economics and Management.

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Library Databases

Library databases collect articles from different journals. They are useful resources in your research, since you can search for your research topic across different journals and other types of sources at the same time. Below are some useful databases for research in Management and Economics, pulled from the library's A-Z List of databases.


Looking at a specific journal's coverage and articles is a great way to do research and learn more about what researchers are thinking about in your field. Below are a list of major journals in the fields of Management and Economics. You can search for more journals using the library's Find a Journal feature.

How to Search in Library Databases

Use quotation marks around phrases to search for that exact wording

  • Examples: "social media" "higher education" "traumatic brain injury"

Switch out your keywords for synonyms or other words that mean close to the same thing

  • Example: If one keyword is "teenagers," try "adolescents"

Check your spelling; not every database is good at guessing what you mean by a misspelled word 

Keep a list of all of the search words you use. Try the same words in different databases to find more information. 

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