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Reserve a study room

Reservations may be made for certain rooms through our room booking system.

Room Booking Button on the library's homepage

One person or group may reserve a room or a series of rooms for up to four hours per day.

Find out more information about a room by clicking on info button next to the room number.

Screenshot of Reserve a Room list of rooms.

The available time slots are shown in blue and reserved time slots are in yellow. Click on up to 8 slots to reserve a room for up to 4 hours. The times you click on show up in darker yellow.

Screenshot showing open times, reserved times, and times being reserved

Once you have chosen the times you want the room, click on Submit Times below the grid.

Check the times and room information. You can also open our full group study room policy from this confirmation page. If everything is right, click Continue.

Fill out the form and click Submit my Booking.

You will receive an e-mail with your booking information and a link to cancel your reservation in case you need to.

We will keep your reservation for 15 minutes from the time it starts. If you are going to be late, call the Library Services Desk at 605-688-5107 and we will adjust your reservation times.

Use an open room

A number of small rooms, appropriate for 1-2 people, are available on the upper level of the library along the south wall. These rooms typically include rooms 211 through 221 though this may change without warning.

To use one of these rooms, simply use it. Note, however that the rooms are not locked and the library is not responsible for any items left in a room unattended.

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