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For Best Research: Ask@Briggs

To ensure that you are using the best sources for finding information on you topic, click here to Ask@Briggs for help from a librarian. Or use one of our helpful Research Guides.

Find a Specific Database

Click on the Databases A-Z link on the library's webpage.

Link to get a list of databases

The databases list allows the user to search for a database title, browse by title, by subject, by type (article, streaming video, book, etc.), or by vendor.

Database List homepage

Finid Articles on a Topic

Use our QuickSearch, located on the Library's homepage, to quickly and easily find articles (and much more) about your topic. Note that this is a general resource that lacks the more advanced features available in a specialized database. To find the best resources for your research topic, see ask@briggs, above.

The Quick Search from the library's webpage

Find a Specific Journal, Magazine, or Newspaper

To search a list of library subscriptions or to find a known article in a journal, magazine, or newspaper.  Click "Find a Journal" on the library's homepage to search for the title of a journal, magazine, or newspaper. (Note: Do not search for article titles or subjects/topics here)

Find a journal link on the library's homepage

This will tell you whether we have the journal,  the dates available, and the format: online or hard copy.

If you don't find a library subscription, try Google. Occasionally, you can find a free copy of an article by searching the article title in Google.


Use our QuickSearch, located on the Library's homepage, to find books available in Briggs Library.

Once you have your results, you can limit to books by Source Type and select Books.

Image showing books limiter in Quick Search.

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