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Searching in Databases: Tips and Tricks

Boolean Operators allow you to narrow or broaden a database search.

Use AND to combine search terms that describe different concepts within your research topic. Using AND will narrow your search. For example, CYSTIC FIBROSIS is a broad search term. CYSTIC FIBROSIS AND DIAGNOSIS will narrow your search by selecting database records that contain both the phrase CYSTIC FIBROSIS and the word DIAGNOSIS. You may link several search words or phrases with AND to continue narrowing your search: CYSTIC FIBROSIS AND THERAPY AND ADOLESCENTS.

Use OR to combine synonyms or search terms that describe a single concept within your research topic.  Using OR will broaden your search.  For example, ALS OR AMYOTROPHIC LATERAL SCLEROSIS OR LOU GEHRIG'S DISEASE. 

Use NOT to eliminate a word or phrase from your search results, and so it will narrow your search.  For example, FEMALE NOT ADOLESCENT. Caution: using NOT may eliminate some relevant records from your search results.

Truncation allows you to search a word root with various endings.

Most databases use an asterisk * as the primary truncation symbol.
DIAGNOS* = diagnose, diagnoses, diagnosing, diagnosis, diagnostic, etc.

Phrase Searching

Some, but not all, databases require use of quotation marks to search an exact phrase:  

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