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Speech 101 (CMST-101): APA Style

APA Examples

Type of Entry Reference List In-Text Citation*

Book: 1 Author

Haleta, L. L. (2013). Public speaking: Strategic choices. Englewood, CO: Morton Publishing.

(Haleta, 2013)

Book: 3-6 Authors

Griffiths, A. J. F., Miller, J. H., Suzuki, D. T., Lewontin, R. C., & Gelbart, W. M. (1996). An introduction to genetic analysis (6th ed.). New York: Freeman and Company.

1st citation: (Griffiths, Miller, Suzuki, Lewontin, & Gelbert, 1996)

Subsequent citations: (Griffiths et al., 1996)

Book: Edited

O'Neil, M. J., Heckelman, P. E., Dobbelaar, P. H., & Roman, K. J. (Eds.). (2013). The Merck index: An encyclopedia of chemicals, drugs, and biologicals (15th ed.). Cambridge, UK: Royal Society of Chemistry.

1st citation: (O'Neil, Heckelman, Dobbelaar, & Roman, 2013)

Subsequent citations: (O'Neil et al., 2013)

Journal Article: With DOI

Gutenbrunner, L. & Wagner, U. (2016). Perspective-taking techniques in the mediation of intergroup conflict. Peace and Conflict: Journal of Peace Psychology, 22, 298-305. doi:10.1037/pac0000184

(Gutenbrunner & Wagner, 2016)

Journal Article: Without DOI

Deatrich, K. G., Prout, M. F., Boyer, B. A., & Yoder, S. E. (2016). Effectiveness of group music therapy in a psychiatric hospital: A randomized pilot study of treatment outcome. International Journal of Group Psychotherapy, 66, 592-617. Retrieved from

1st citation: (Deatrich, Proutt, Boyer, & Yoder, 2016)

Subsequent citations: (Deatrich et al., 2016)

Magazine Article

Steinmetz, K. (2015, October 26). Help! My parents are millennials. Time Magazine 186(14), 36-43.

(Steinmetz, 2015)

Newspaper Article

Two cops injured on Hobo Day weekend. (2016, October 25). The Brookings Register, A1, A2.

("Two cops," 2016)

Article with no author

Medications + counseling: The 'new paradigm' in alcoholism treatment. (2005, July 25). Alcoholism & Drug Abuse Weekly 17(28), 1-3.

(Medications + counseling, 2005)


American Nurses Credentialing Center. (2013). How to display your credentials. Retrieved from

(American Nurses Credentialing Center, 2013)


RegisteredNurseRN. (2016, April 8). Hypertension nursing NCLEX review [Video file]. Retrieved from

(RegisteredNurseRN, 2016)

* In text citations are listed as they would be included for a paraphrase. Note that for a quotation, you would need to include the page number. The in-text citation (Haleta, 2013) is for a paraphrase but (Haleta, 2013, p. 10) is for a quotation.


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