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Medical Laboratory Science: Find Statistics

Get help on beginning research in Medical Laboratory Science.

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Health Statistics: National

Health Statistics: South Dakota

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Tips for Searching for Statistics

  • Think about who would "care." Who would care enough to collect the data you need? Who might need to know (government agencies, professional organizations, etc.) the statistic you need to find? Thinking about who would collect your data will help you focus your search.
  • Check your dates. Data is collected and shared at different times--health data published in a research paper in 2022, for example, may have been collected before world events like the spread of COVID-19. Make sure to double-check that the data you find is from a timeframe that makes sense for your research.
  • Ask a librarian! Finding data and statistics is tricky, and often involves creative searching beyond library databases and Google Scholar. Librarians can help--use the chat at the bottom right hand corner of the page.
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