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Reserve Materials: Digital Course Reserves


The University encourages use of our online course management system for access to digital course materials. Contact Instructional Design Services for assistance in adding links to D2L:  688-6323.

If you wish to link an article found in a Briggs Library database, see below for instructions to create links to articles in Ebsco, ProQuest, JSTOR, OVID, or PubMed databases.

Ebsco Permanent URLs

In EbscoHost databases, view the full record (citation with abstract), and click on the Permalink button on the right side of the screen.  The permanent URL will appear in a window just above your full record.

EBSCO databases:

  • View the full record (citation with abstract) for an individual article.
  • In the Tools menu on the right side of the screen, click Permalink

Image of the Ebsco article tools showing the tool to get a permalink

  • Copy the link shown in the Permalink box above the record, and paste it into the D2L reading list for your course.

Image showing the Permalink box

JSTOR Permanent URLs

  • Open the record for the article you want.
  • On the left side of the screen are some tools. Scroll down to the "Remote Access URL" and copy it.

Image of the remote access URL on the article page in JSTOR

ProQuest Permanent URLs

  • Open the record for the article.
  • To the right of the article title, there are several round buttons. Click the one with the elipse (three periods).

Image of ProQuest article screen showing where to click for a permalink

  • At the top of the popup will be the permalink that you can copy.

Image of Permalink in the ProQuest saving popup

Ovid Permanent URLs

  • Open the record for the article (click on the article title in the list of results).
  • On the right, there will be some options. Choose email jumpstart.

Image of Ovid article page showing email jumpstart

  • If you do not see these tools, click on the "Full-featured View" just above the full text and to the right of the tabs for the article, PDF, and complete record.
  • Copy the URL given or email it to yourself.

Image of Ovid email jumpstart showing the URL to copy

PubMed Permanent URLs

  • Open the full record for the article.
  • On the right side of the screen, scroll down to the social media options. Click the "link" button.
  • A permalink popup will appear. Copy-paste the link into your course.

Image of PubMed Article Page showing where permanent URL links can be found.


Image showing PubMed Permalink popup

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