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Reserve Materials: Reserves

General Information

Course-related materials are placed on library reserve by faculty members for use by their students. These materials may be supplemental or required and may include books, copies of articles, pamphlets, audio recordings, DVD's, sample exams, lecture notes, and other materials.

Paper Reserves

The physical reserve collection is available at the Library Services Desk on the main level of the library. Most items in this collection may be checked out for "in-library-use" for durations of two or four hours. Some may be checked out for one to seven days, as specified by the faculty member who placed the items on reserve.

  • Begin your search for reserve items by clicking the link below.
  • Search by author, title, instructor, course name or number, etc.
  • On the next screen, use the drop-down menu in the search window to select "Course Reserves"

Search the Paper Reserves Collection



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