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English 101 Research Guide: In-Class Activity

Resources to assist English 101 students with their research.

February 28th Classes

Source Types Matrix

Source Type Characteristics Use For



Written by both journalists and subject experts

Written for both general and academic audiences

Books from University Presses are usually scholarly

In-depth coverage of a topic

Information on events that are older

Newspaper Article

Shorter articles

Attention-grabbing headlines

Written by journalists

Aimed at general public

Published daily or weekly

Current information

Coverage of recent evens

Finding various opinions on a given topic

Magazine Article

Slightly longer articles

Written by journalists

Aimed at a general audience

Published weekly or monthly

Overview of a topic

Coverage of recent events

Interviews with experts about topics

Peer-Reviewed Article

Very specific titles

Long in length, often 7 or more pages

About original research on a topic

Written by experts for other experts/educated audience

In-depth information

Scholarly sources

Original research



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