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English 101 Research Guide: Ad Analysis Assignment

Resources to assist English 101 students with their research.

Finding Ads

In Briggs Library

Browse current physical magazines on the periodicals shelf on the main floor. The overhead scanner in the lobby is an easy way to make a scan and send the image to your email. 

Online Brookings Public library has full digital issues of current magazines available for check-out online. You can also browse a few pages of a magazine without having an account or logging in. All SDSU students are eligible to sign up for a public library card, which can be done online at Duke University maintains a repository of advertisements from 1911-1955. Search by product, year, or company, among other limiters. 

Academic Search Premier Search for a magazine title like "People Magazine" and look at the PDF full text versions of various articles in the result list. Some of these sources include the ads as they appear in the print version, especially ones entitled "People Picks."

ARTstor Enter "artsubject:(advertising)" into the search box and hit enter. This search will bring up several thousand advertisements from the 20th century, including ones by Kodak, WonderBread,  and cigarette companies. 


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