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Evaluating Scholarly Publications for Tenure and Promotion: Free Altmetric Resources

This guide will help you find evidence of the value of your publications to use in your FAR.

Altmetric Resources

Some of the sites in the table below are run by for-profit corporations. Any activity you do on these sites could be monitored, used, or sold to others. Be certain that you have permission to add your papers to any site before you upload any materials.

Allows users to create an account and share papers. Provides the number of views of and citations to articles within


Allows users to create an account to store and share their data. There is 1GB of space available for storage of private data as well. Views and shares of data sources are counted.


Allows users to create an account and:

Upload work and follow it (see how many views, downloads, and citations it has gotten)
Ask questions of experts
Network - follow others and be followed in return
List your skills and expertise areas


This widget allows you to search Google Scholar easily in complex ways and get parsed results back. Scholarometer can track multiple formats of a name and multiple ways of citing the same paper. Provides citation counts for papers searched.


"Impactstory is an open-source website that helps researchers explore and share the the online impact of their research.

By helping researchers tell data-driven stories about their work, we're helping to build a new scholarly reward system that values and encourages web-native scholarship." (from About Impactstory)

"See who is talking about your research and that of your peers. Demonstrate the influence of your work to funders and evaluation committees." (from Who is Altmetric for?)

What are altmetrics?

Altmetrics is short for alternative metrics and they are a response to the need to demonstrate the value or impact of particular publications or researchers. Altmetrics can include traditional measures such as citation counts and non-traditional measures such as impact in social media (usually more academic than twitter or facebook but those too).

Included on this page are free and subscription resources that can be used for altmetrics. No one resource is the ideal answer for all researchers and a single researcher may want to use multiple resources.

Want more information?

Below are some open-source articles on altmetrics.

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