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Hilton M. Briggs Library Policies

SUBJECT: Care and Handling of Bound Materials

NUMBER: 10.11

  1. Purpose

To establish guidelines that extend the life of bound materials in library collections.

  1. Policy

All library personnel will follow established procedures in order to prevent damage and preserve bound materials in library collections.

  1. Procedures

To ensure proper care and handling of bound library materials:

  • Use clean hands.
  • Place books upright on the shelf or cart. If oversized, lay them flat or spine down.
  • Do not allow books to protrude over the edges of the shelves or cart if possible.
  • Adequately support the book and use bookends if necessary. Avoid ending a shelf with a small book if the hanging wire bookend can barely reach it. Use a larger book instead.
  • Avoid packing books tightly on the shelf. Leave several inches of free space on each shelf if possible.
  • Remove the book from the shelf with care by grasping the spine at the middle of the book rather than tugging on the top of the spine. Push back the neighboring books on both sides to get a good grip.
  • Send damaged books to the bindery. Do not attempt to repair it yourself.
  • Avoid using adhesive notes, paper clips, ink, or rubber bands on books.
  • Do not crack the spine of a tightly bound book, do not use books or journals as a writing surface, and do not “dog ear” fold the pages.
  1. Related Documents

Guiding Principles of Preservation in Hilton M. Briggs Library

  1. Responsibility

The Preservation Committee or designee is responsible for annual and ad hoc review of this policy and related procedures.  The Dean of the Library is responsible for review and approval of this policy and associated revisions.


Reviewed by: Library Faculty April 4, 2018

Approved by: Dean of the Library May 3, 2018

Origination date: May 3, 2018

Revision dates:

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