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FAQ: Printing

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How much does it cost to print in the library and how do I pay?

Black & white printing:   5¢ per single-sided page

Color printing:                  15¢ per single-sided page

All library printers accept Hobo Dough. A cash-only Hobo Dough load station is available in case your account is running low. You can also load Hobo Dough via credit or debit card. Deposit Hobo Dough Here

For guests patrons who do not wish to print more than a few pages, the Library Services staff will accept cash for printing on a one-time basis.

How do I print from a library computer?

1. With your document open, print it as you would from any computer (e.g. File menu, print, or CTRL+P).

2. Select a printer (Briggs Library Public BW or Briggs Library Color Printer).

3. Wait for a pop-up box, and enter a print job name--create your own print job name.  The password is optional.

4. At the printer, slide your card through the slot in the keyboard.

6. Select your print job from the display on the computer monitor. The total pages and cost will display at the bottom of the screen.  Click the print button, or click cancel to finish your transaction.


Can I add Hobo Dough to my ID Card?


You can add money to your Hobo Dough account using the Hobo Dough load station on the main level of the library. The load station is located in the lobby next to the printers.

Credit Card

You can use a credit or debit card to add to your Hobo Dough account.  Go to

Log in with your D2L or WebAdvisor username and password, and follow the instructions on the website.


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