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Copyright Guidelines

For help following SDSU's copyright policy and U.S. copyright law, see the Copyright Guidelines pages.

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Notice - Information on Copyright Does Not Constitute Legal Advice

Note that the author of this guide is not an attorney and is providing information on copyright only. Nothing on this site should be taken as legal advice. For legal advice, please see an attorney.

What is Copyright?

Copyright is one of a set of laws governing the use of intellectual property. Copyright covers works such as novels and textbooks, works of art, music, movies, etc. Patents cover inventions. Trademarks cover names and symbols used by companies to identify thier goods and services and distinguish them from others.

Although these laws exist in most countries in the world, this guide will cover copyright laws within the United States. If you are studying or teaching abroad, note that the laws of the country that you are visiting will govern your use of intellectual property. Also, no matter where a work originated, the laws you need to worry about are those of the country you are in.

Examples of Intellectual Property

Copyright Patent Trademark

An article written by SDSU president David Chicoine and a colleague:

Sonka, S. T., & Chicoine, D. L. (2004). Value and University Innovation. American Journal Of Agricultural Economics, 86(5), 1337-1344. doi:10.1111/j.0002-9092.2004.00686.x

Patent #8182984

Recombinant North American type 1 porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus and methods of use by Ying Fang, Eric A. Nelson, and Jane Hennings

SDSU Jackrabbit

Original artwork in any fixed format

Patent #8018431

Page turner for handheld electronic book reader device by Gregg E. Zehr, John E. Johnston, Jateen P. Parekh, Symon J. Whitehorn, and Thomas J. Hobbsph

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South Dakota State University

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Books on Copyright

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