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Graduate Workshops

Fall 2019 Literature Review Graduate Workshops

Thursday, October 10th, 4:00 - 7:30 PM

SDSU librarians are offering in-person workshops to help with literature reviews. We are offering four different sessions, with each session repeated three times. Attend one, two, or three sessions depending on your interests. Meet Subject Librarians and fellow grad students and enjoy food and beverages in the workshop lounge.

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Workshop Logistics

On the day of the workshops please stop in at the "lounge area" on the main level of the library to check in. We will have food and beverages in this area.

The workshop sessions run 4:00-5:00 pm; 5:15-6:15 pm; 6:30-7:30 pm.

Subject Librarians

Whether you are just beginning to work on your literature review or are well into the process, your subject librarian is here to help you. Your subject librarian can help you design research strategies, access key databases, effectively use Briggs Library's information resources, and stay current in your field.  

Find your subject librarian by going to   


Workshop Sessions

Lit Review 101

Covers the basics of a literature review. What is it, why we do it, and who will read it. We will examine examples of literature reviews and discuss strategies for starting the lit review process.

Linda Kott
Information Services Librarian
Room 125 Briggs Library


Store and organize your references with EndNote software, available to SDSU students, staff, and faculty. Endnote helps you organize your research process and facilitates documenting your sources as you write. The session will address downloading the software, setting up the organization component, and entering citations and bibliographies into papers.

Elizabeth Fox
Humanities & Social Sciences Librarian
Room 123B Briggs Library

Writing Strategies

We will discuss organizational patterns for literature reviews. We will also examine strategies for paraphrasing and summarizing source passages and integrating them into your literature review.

Nathan Serfling
Instructor & Writing Center Coordinator
Room 130 Briggs Library

Searches & Services

The session will vary depending on participants’ areas of study. We will identify library databases in your subject area and cover how to use their advanced features to improve your searches, manage your results, export citations, and set up alerts. We will also cover library resources and services that will help you complete your lit review and succeed in your graduate program.

Nancy Marshall
Agriculture, Food & Environmental Sciences Librarian
Room 003 Briggs Library







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