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LA 341: Planning Public Grounds: Books

Landscape Architecture Librarian

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Kristin Echtenkamp
Briggs Library 123
Phone: 605-688-5958

Tips for finding books

Take time to brainstorm potential keywords on your topic before searching. Try using multiple keywords when you search to expand or narrow your searches. 

If I wanted to find books about urban farming then I could use the following searches to find different books on my topic: 

  • "urban farms" AND sustainab* (sustainab* will bring me results with "sustainable" and "sustainability")

Searching with AND narrows my search and makes it more specific, so in this case I'd get results that focus on the sustainability aspects of urban farming. 

  • "urban farming" OR "urban agriculture" AND "environment"

Searching with OR expands my search, so in this case I'd get results that use either "urban farming" or "urban agriculture." 

  • "urban farming" NOT "garden"

Searching with NOT helps me exclude things that I don't want in my results. 

Books about landscape architecture will have call numbers beginning with SB (specifically SB 469 - SB 486). Browsing through these books on the upper level of the library can be a great way to find books on your topic. 

Landscape Architecture books

Below is a list of potentially helpful books for this course -- keep in mind this is not a complete or comprehensive list, just a sample of what the library has to offer!

Finding Ebooks

More help with finding and accessing Ebooks is available on our Ebooks at Briggs Library Guide.

Interlibrary Loan

Although Briggs Library has an extensive collection, you may need items that are not available at the Library. No worries! You can request those articles, books, and other materials through Interlibrary Loan.

Keep in mind that the process may take a week or more. Start your research early!

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