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Speech 101: Finding a Topic

Choosing a General Topic

Sources of topics:

1. News sources (newspapers, TV news, internet news sites, radio, etc.)

2. Hobbies, sports, leisure activities

3. Encyclopedias

4. The world around you

For this class, focus on news sources. You will need to find a topic that is current and also has peer-reviewed information available to you.

Finding a news source on your hobby, sport, or interest

You can search Google for news sources on your favorite hobby, sport, or other interest as well. Add your topic area to the search started for you below (after the word news). Note that you may find some news sites but you may also get some news stories. Be sure to pick a news site to make sure you get current stories.

Debate Sites

These sites provide debates on various topics. Beware that if your instructor requires that you find a topic using a news site, these sites are not appropriate for finding a topic.

Find a local, national, or international news source

Online newspapers

Note that many of these do not offer all of their content for free online.

TV and radio news sources

News database

Note that this database covers national and international news over many years. To find a source for a speech, limit to the current year.

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