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English 101 Research Guide: Pre-Library Visit Activity

Resources to assist English 101 students with their research.


In a few days, you will be having class in the library to learn more about how to do research for your final research paper. In order to make sure we have enough time for you to practice this skills in class with your own topic, please complete this short activity to gain some background knowledge on researching in the library. 

Let's Get Started!

Open a new tab in your browser and go to

Using either the topic you've chosen for your research paper or one you are just thinking about, do a search in the Quick Search box on the library home page.

Library Quick Search box

What do you notice about the results list? What sort of information can you see just by scanning this page?

Click on a result that looks interesting to you. What kind of source is it? How do you know?

Go back to the main search results page. In the upper right-hand corner is an icon that says "My Account." Click on that and sign in using your Jacks log in information.

Screenshot of Library Account log-in button

Once you have done this, you can save items to your favorites by clicking on the pin icon next to each search result. Access these items by clicking the pin icon in the upper right-hand corner next to your name. 

Go back to the first result you clicked on and add it to your favorites by clicking on that pin. We will talk a little more about what you found in class. 

Using that same topic, find one more result that is a different source type from the first one you found. (For example, if you found a scholarly article, see if you can find a book). Add that new source to your favorites, as well. 

If you have time or see some other good sources in your results list, go ahead and look at them. It is never to early to start researching for an assignment! If you have questions, bring them to class, when you will have more time to practice and learn about all of the ways the you can find information through library resources. 



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