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Nursing: Other Sources

Nursing Research Guide

Information Needed

  • Author
  • Title
  • Date
    • n.d. if no date is given
  • Place of Publication
  • Publisher
  • Type of publication

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Brochures & Other Informally Published Works

Author. (Year, Month). Title of brochure [Brochure]. Place of Publication: Publisher.

National Cancer Institute. (2000, June). Cancer research - because lives depend on it [Brochure]. Bethesda, MD: Author.

Conference Paper

Paper presentation or poster session:

Presenter. (Year, Month). Title of paper. Paper presented at the Conference Name, Location.

Chen, E. (2011, November). From static HTML to interactice Drupal: Redesigning a library intranet that enables collaboration and social interaction. Paper presented at Brick & Click Libraries, Maryville, MO.


Conference paper abstract retrieved online:

Presenter. (Year, Month). Title of paper. Paper presented at Conference Name, Location. Abstract retrieved from URL

Liu, S. (2005, May). Defending against business crises with the help of intelligent agent based early warning solution. Paper presented at the Seventh International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems, Miami, FL. Abstract retrieved from


Proceedings published regularly online:

Presenter. (Year, Month). Title of paper. Title of Proceedings volume, pages. doi:

Herculano-Houzel, S., Collins, C. E., Wong, P., Kaas, J. H., & Lent, R. (2008). The basic nonuniformity of the cerebral cortex. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 105, 12593-12598. doi:10.1073/pnas.0805417105


Proceedings published in book form

Presenter. (Year, Month). Title of paper. In Proceedings Editors (eds.), Title of Proceedings volume, (pp. ). Place of Publication: Publisher. doi:

Katz, I., Gabayan, K., & Aghajan, H. (2007). A multi-touch surface using multiple cameras. In J. Blanc-Talon, W. Philips, D. Popescu, & P. Scheunders (Eds.), Lecture Notes in Computer Science: Vol. 4678. Advanced Concepts for Intelligent Vision Systems (pp. 97-108). Berlin, Germany: Springer-Verlag. doi:10.1007/978-3-540-74607-2_9

Dissertations and Theses

Dissertation or thesis available from an online database service (i.e. Dissertation Abstracts International):

Author. (Year). Title (Doctoral dissertation or master's thesis). Retrieved from Name of database. (Accession or Order number)

McNiel, D. S. (2006). Meaning through narrative: A personal narrative discussing growing up with an alcoholic mother (Master's thesis). Available from ProQuest Dissertations and Theses database. (UMI No. 1434728)


Unpublished dissertation or thesis:

Author. (Year). Title of dissertation or thesis (Unpublished doctoral dissertation or master's thesis). Name of Institution, Location.

Brooks, E. M. (2010). Sharing the stage with the voix d'or: Sarah Bernhardt and music in the Belle Epoque (Unpublished doctoral dissertation). Washington University in Saint Louis, Saint Louis, MO.


Print Map

Author. (Cartographer). (Year). Title of map [Type of map]. Publisher Location: Publisher.

U.S. Department of the Interior. Geologial Survey. (Cartographer). (1953). Gallup Quadrangle: South Dakota - Spink Co. [Topographic Map]. Washington, DC: U.S. Geological Survey.

See the Web Resources page for how to cite online maps.

Sound Recordings

Music Recording Recorded by the Songwriter

Songwriter. (Year). Title of the song. On Title of Recording [Medium of recording]. Place of Publication: Publisher.

lang, k. d. (2008). Shadow and the frame. On Watershed [CD]. New York, NY: Nonesuch Records.


Music Recording Recorded by Someone Else

Songwriter. (Year). Title of the song [Recorded by Artist]. On Title of Recording [Medium of recording]. Place or Publication: Publisher.

Orff, C. (1935-1936). O fortuna! [Recorded by the London Philharmonic Orchestra and Choir, The London Chorus and David Perry]. On 99 Darkest Pieces of Classical Music. Stockholm, Sweeden: X5 Music Group.

Video and Television


Producer. (Producer). & Director. (Director). (Year). Title of motion picutre [Motion Picture]. Country of origin: Sudio.

Docter, P., Drumm, M. A., Lasseter, J., Sarafian, K., Stanton, A. (Producers). & Andrews, M., Chapman, B., & Purcell, S. (Directors). (2012). Brave [Motion Picture]. United States: Disney.


Television - single episode from a television series

Writer. (Writer), & Director (Director). (Year). Title of the episode [Television series episode]. In Executive Producer (Executive producer), Series Title. Location of Production: Studio.

Egan, D. (Writer), & Alexander, J. (Director). (2005). Failure to communicate [Television series episode]. In D. Shore (Executive producer), House. New York, NY: Fox Broadcasting.

Data Set

Rightsholder. (Year). Title of program [Description of form].Retrieved from URL

Pew Hispanic Center. (2004). Changing channels and crisscrossing cultures: A survey of Latinos on the news media [Data file and code book]. Retrieved from


Personal Interview

If it is not archived somewhere, this would not be included in the reference list although you would need to cite it in the text of the paper.


Interview Recorded and Available in an Archive

Interviewee. (Year, Month Day). Interview by Interviewer [Type of recording]. Name of Collection (Call number, box number, file name or number, etc.). Name of Repository, Location.

Smith, M. B. (1989, August 12). Interview by C. A. Kiesler [Tape recording]. President's Oral History Project, American Psychological Association, APA Archives, Washington, DC.


Transcription of a Recorded Interview, No Recording Available

Interviewee. (Year, Month Day). Interview by Interviewer. Name of Collection (Call number, box number, file name or number, etc.). Name of Repository, Location.

Sparkman, C. F. (1973). An oral history with Dr. Coley F. Sparkman/Interviewer: Orley B. Caudill. Mississippi Oral History Program (Vol. 289). Univeristy of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg.

Citing Items Without an Author

If an article, book or other resource does not have an identifiable author, move the title to the first element and keep everything else in the same place.

APA Book:

Title. Date. Place of Publication: Publisher.

MLA Book:

Title. Place of Publication: Publisher. Date. Format.

Chicago Author-Date Book:

Title. Year. Place of Publication: Publisher.

Citing Items Without a Date

If a publication does not have a date, use the abbreviation n.d. for no date.

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