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Web of Science vs. Scopus: Home


The articles below are available through the LISTA database - if you don't have access to the full-text, contact Elizabeth Fox:

Kokol, P., & Bla┼żun Vošner, H. (2018). Discrepancies among Scopus, Web of Science, and PubMed coverage of funding information in medical journal articles. Journal Of The Medical Library Association, 106(1), 81-88. doi:10.5195/jmla.2018.181

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Who has Web of Science and/or Scopus (SDSU Peer Institutions)

SDSU Peer Institutions with WoS or Scopus
School Web of Science Scopus JCR
Colorado State University Yes No Yes
Kansas State University Yes Yes Yes
Montana State University Yes No Yes
New Mexico State University Yes No No
North Dakota State University Yes Yes Yes
Oklahoma State University Yes Yes Yes
Southern Illinois University, Carbondale Yes No Yes
University of Idaho Yes No No
University of Montana Yes No Yes
University of North Dakota No Yes Yes
University of Wyoming Yes Yes Yes
Utah State University No Yes No

Notes: Utah State University's databases page has the note that as of July 2017, Scopus replaced Web of Science.

10 or 12 universities have Web of Science

6 of 12 universities have Scopus

4 of 12 universities have both

9 of 12 universities have Journal Citation Reports

1 of 12 universities have Journal Citation Reports without having Web of Science

2 of 12 universities have Web of Science but not Journal Citation Reports

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